SANTU SmartScan-V

SANTU SmartScan-V is a high-performance, cost-effective infrastructure for digital pathology. Our network, image storage/management, hosting and web-based applications allow pathologists, researchers and educators to connect and makes digital pathology immediately accessible for anyone, from anywhere, at any time. It provides pathologists with a platform that enables rapid diagnosis, regardless of location.

SANTU SmartScan-V streamlines veterinary blood, cytology and histology operations and improves turnaround time.

SANTU SmartScan-V provides high speed bright-field slide digital scanning, superior image quality, and instant image transmission.

Our cloud-based system and web-based tools provide flexibility and convenience. Scan and view online — anytime, anywhere.


  1. Lower operating costs
  2. Increased efficiency
  3. Optimized workflow
  4. Decreased risk of human error
  5. Increased accuracy of diagnosis
  6. Reliable image quality