Santu Digital MDDS – SDCube


  1. Spend less time worrying about image storage and upkeep
  2. Extremely cost-effective and competitive
  3. Easy to set up
  4. View stored images anytime, anywhere
  5. Images and metadata are fully encrypted


The Santu Digital MDDS consists of three major components:
1. SDCube
2. SDCloud
3. SDViewer

SDCube transfers DICOM images to our cloud server (SDCloud) from multiple modalities. SDCloud provides economical cloud storage and archival of a large volume of images while SDCloud can help health care professionals access these images from dedicated terminals, laptops, smartphones, or tablets anywhere in the world. Diagnostic results can be efficiently transferred back to the original clinic, allowing patients in rural areas to receive the same quality of health care as someone in a large city.

These three components work together to provide a complete and smooth user experience: from generating images, sending images for diagnostics, to getting the results back. Health care staff can work anywhere, at any time to provide services to patients living anywhere.



SDCube is a standalone, industrial-grade computer, acting as a proxy for the SDCloud service. It has a built-in standard DICOM server, which can receive images from local modalities, such as X-rays, CTs, ultrasounds, and MRIs. For small clinics, the SDCube can be an affordable mini-PACS system. SDCube is a disruptive innovation in the information-technology and networking industry. It makes DICOM image transmission between any local modality and our cloud server possible.

SDCube is the industry leader in ease-of-use, allowing for direct and automatic image transfer to cloud servers. It is fully compatible with existing local modalities from every manufacturer and can be fully deployed without the need for technical staff or engineers. It is also fully compatible with other cloud services as long as they are DICOM-compliant.

With SDCube, clinics will not need to purchase PACS and Viewers and will not need to worry about the number of hosts and viewers that they will require. Uploaded images can be reviewed from anywhere and anytime, with no restrictions.


SDCloud is a cloud-based DICOM service. It provides a public interface for storing, archiving, retrieving and viewing medical images. Because it follows the standard DICOM protocol, it can not only talk to SDCubes deployed worldwide, but can also talk to any DICOM-compliant device, which makes integrating legacy PACS systems possible.


SDViewer is a standard DICOM viewer that supports multiple platforms, such as Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Radiologists, specialists and medical doctors can use the tools provided by SDViewer to quickly access images and other data to help them diagnose medical issues and prescribe a treatment regimen for it both at the office and on the go.


To learn more, please download and view our brochure here.

  1. Fully encrypted to protect the privacy of your patients

  1. Extremely easy to set up