Santu Vet DR


  1. Excellent image quality
  2. Industrial-grade CPU for reliability and longevity
  3. Easy to install and maintain
  4. Wired and wireless options for x-ray panel connection
  5. Cost-effective cloud storage
  6. View stored images anywhere, anytime
  7. HIPAA-compliant encryption
  8. Remote control of panels and generators
  9. Fully remote technical support, maintenance, and training

Santu’s Vet DR is a fully integrated all-in-one DR solution. Featuring SANTU’s SDHub as the integrated workstation and iRay’s high-performance panels, Santu Vet is able to provide world-class performance and ease-of-use at a competitive price.

Includes the following:

Detector: iRay Mars1717X (17″ x 17″ wireless, CsI, AED)
( iRay Mars1417X or Mars1417V available as options)

Workstation: SDHub

X-Ray Tube: Canon E7239X 0.6/1.2

Generator: 16 KW

Collimator: LED

Table: 4-Way Floating

Monitor: 15.6″ LCD Monitor, 1920 x 1080

Peripherals: Wireless keyboard and mouse