Digital Pathology Auto Scanner


  1. Designed & Engineered for Veterinarians
  2. Cost Effective & Affordable
  3. Full HD Touch Screen Operation
  4. Automated Turret with 4 Objectives
  5. Auto Focus
  6. Volume Scanning with Multiple Z-Plane Image Capturing Capabilities
  7. Z-Plane Image Combination
  8. On-Site or Remote ROI Setting Capability
  9. Image Transmission and Viewing Anywhere in the World
  10. Convenient Report Generation and Communication
  11. Groundbreaking Transmittal Technology for Vets and Labs

SmartScan – V
Bright-field whole slide scanner for Vets

“Bring the digital revolution to veterinarians.”

“Improving outcomes at affordable costs”


SANTU SmartScan-V streamlines veterinary blood, cytology and histology operations and improves turnaround time.

SANTU SmartScan-V provides high speed bright-field slide digital scanning, superior image quality, and instant image transmission.

Our cloud-based system and web-based tools provide flexibility and convenience. Scan and view online — anytime, anywhere.

SANTU SmartScan-V is a comprehensive digital pathology solution supporting image acquisition, image management, image analysis and customized reporting.


Scanning Workflow

  1. Automatic Preview Scan: automatic preview scanning starts with slide loading with 4x objective lens.
  2. ROI Selection: select ROI (single or multiple) on the preview image.
  3. Objective Lens Selection: choose from 4 objectives on the automated turret.
  4. Scanning Completion: final image uploaded to the distribution server. Users can access it through the Internet anywhere, anytime.


Sample Images (please view using Internet Explorer)

  1. Tissue at 20X Magnification
  2. Lymph Node at 20X Magnification
  3. Blood Smear at 20X Magnification
  4. Blood Smear at 40X Magnification
  5. Blood Smear at 40X Magnification (Larger Area)
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“Bringing the digital revolution to veterinarians.”

"With instant image transmission"